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Child Obesity

Have you noticed more children with weight problems today than ten or twenty years ago? If so, it’s not your imagination, child obesity is a bigger problem now more than ever before. Some of you may know a child with a serious weight disorder, or maybe you even have a child of your own with a weight problem. Just the other day I read a couple articles focusing on this very subject, and thought to myself that it is definitely well worthy of addressing in my column.

To give you a little insight into some of the causes of child obesity, aside from major health and genetic related causes, we need to take a closer look at the changes over the past few decades that directly affect our children’s health. For starters, our age of technology is in direct correlation to our children’s activity levels. As a child, I spent as much time playing outside as I possibly could. And yes, I was very fortunate that I grew up in a neighborhood that had a lot of kids to play with, but regardless, I think my activities would have been similar in any case. Most of our play involved some type of physical activity, unlike many of the games that children today play. With the advancement of technology came the advancement of video games and DVD players. And while this may have brought with it many interactive games for kids that are not only fun, but also educational, it also brought a lot of sedentary activity.

Kids spend much more time watching television today than they once did. Just take a look outside of the home and into the car and you will see evidence of this. How many minivans and SUV’s come with DVD players in them now? I believe it is standard policy to at least have the option of adding one to your new vehicle. While this may take some stress off of the parents, I don’t know if it is the best lesson to teach your child. We are promoting sedentary activity and demoting exercise.

I recently read an article that conducted a survey on portion sizes at various restaurants across the nation and discovered that the average size of an order of food is larger now than it was 25 years ago. So if you’re still attempting to clean up your plate before you leave the table, please reconsider. Also, many families are forced to buy dinner more frequently rather than cook, due to the fact that often both parents work. While this isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault, it is something than needs to be addressed in order for us to compensate for the decrease in activity and parent supervision, coupled with the increase in dining out and portion size.

While I am certainly not casting blame on anyone, and in no way am I questioning your parenting abilities, I am simply trying to shed some awareness on this problem and encourage the parents of this generation to educate their children on good eating habits (including portion size), and a fit lifestyle. While it may be almost impossible for a lot of the parents out there to monitor the foods their child is consuming every second they are away, or decrease the number of hours that the parents works, you do have control over the foods that you stock in your pantry and refrigerator as well as the activities that you do as a family.

Try going for a family hike followed by a picnic or to the beach for a swim on the next Saturday that you have free. That’s just an example, the opportunities are endless here is San Diego. I happen to know of a neighbor of mine, who almost every weekend takes the entire family either rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, or some other type of fun family activity. And the kids love it! As a matter of fact it will probably surprise the children when they learn that not all families are like this. And these parents look like regular people, they’re not even superheroes!

All I’m urging you to do is to instill in your kids the value of their health and what role that will play in the quality of their lives to come. And remember that it’s all right to take baby steps–major lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. Give you children as much of an advantage in life as you can.

Are You Fed Up With Your Child Misbehavior Problems?

It’s every parent’s nightmare. You were going along rather smoothly, then all of a sudden, you are having child misbehavior problems and you can’t figure out what to do. We’ll discuss this and hopefully you will realize that you are not alone.

Unless you have that rare child who has been bad right from the beginning, most of the time, when children are very young, they are relatively well-behaved. Of course they will cry from time to time, and if your child has any kind of health problem, they may cry more often than average. For the most part, though, many parents are delighted with their very young children, especially if it’s their first.

And then life begins to happen, of course. Our children are exposed to other people and children, and as they get a little older, they watch television and have other sources of stimulus. If you’re anything like I was, it was always a dilemma for me when my child acted out a little bit. I didn’t want bad behavior to become a pattern, but, if it wasn’t something terribly out of line, I didn’t want to come down too hard on my still, very young children.

Now, my story took a turn, as more and more family stories do now, because I got divorced. So, I ended up with an entirely new set of circumstances and problems. However, even before that all happened, there were some definite child behavior issues that began to develop. And the problem was certainly magnified because, at this time, my wife and I were still together, and we didn’t always see eye to eye on how to handle our childrens’ transgressions.

Let us fast forward fifteen years. I am very lucky because I have two very well-adjusted, and successful daughters. One is in college, and the other is finishing up a wonderful high school career that included some stellar athletic accomplishments on the soccer field. As I said, I am divorced, and my x-wife and I have been friends all along, and have worked very hard at putting our children first. And we still, to this day, work together as a team to give them what they need.

There were times though, that I thought things were just going to collapse as far as how my kids were going to turn out. Ultimately, we were very lucky, and, as I said, we worked together as a team to keep things moving in a positive direction. However, there were certainly many, many trials and tribulations along the way.

What worries me today is not my children, but the thousands and thousands of children that come from broken families. And of course there are many more who come from families that are so busy keeping their financial head above water with this terrible economy, that they are not able to take the time to deal with child misbehavior issues as they arise.

That is definitely the number one thing that we always did along the way. We really were very proactive about any issues that came up with our children. We didn’t always know what to do, or how to do it, but we always found out who knew how to help us, and we got the help.

Why Your Child’s Development Will Benefit From Visiting A Chiropractor

Parents are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help their children develop into healthy adults. Certified chiropractic wellness practitioners are uniquely positioned to help enhance the development of a child in several key ways. Not only can a chiropractor assess whether or not areas of the spinal cord and nervous system are generating negative feedback to the brain, but a well qualified chiropractor can also provide a number of different therapeutic solutions that can really help a child.

Needless to say, parents can sometimes feel a bit sceptical, and even concerned, about whether chiropractic treatments are safe for children. The great news is that many studies have concluded that chiropractic treatments performed by certified chiropractic wellness practitioners are significantly safer than prescription medications.

What parents need to remember is that chiropractors use gentle, natural techniques. More often than not, the type of pressure being applied is very mild — often described as fingertip pressure.

There are several indicators that can be used to determine whether or not a child may have improper spinal column alignment and/or impaired neurological function. Some of these indicators include:

  1. Delayed developmental milestones.
  2. Poor balance and/or coordination.
  3. Emotional irrationality and/or behavioral abnormalities.
  4. Difficulty sleeping soundly at night.
  5. A suppressed immune system.

As you can see from the list above, problems with the spinal column can produce symptoms that are quite varied. In fact, what typically happens is that the symptoms slowly begin to emerge that start to mimic other problems that don’t exist. This often causes a child to be misdiagnosed and to subsequently be subjected to unnecessary medical treatments.

This is why it makes a lot of sense for you to allow your child to be evaluated by a certified chiropractic wellness practitioner. Imagine if your child could receive holistic, non-invasive treatments that ultimately helped your child develop into a healthy adult. You’re probably going to have more questions about the process and whether or not this is something that is ultimately suitable for your child.

You’ve taken a step in the right direction by reading this article, but you will definitely want to reach out and speak directly with a certified chiropractic wellness practitioner who can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have. It costs you absolutely nothing to discover more about how a chiropractor can help with the health, wellness, and development of your child.